Dilwale background score by Hans Zimmer?

Indian cinema recently completed its 100 glorious years. 10 decades of work, skill and entertainment and still going strong, producing Masterpieces, making Legends and achieving Milestones.

Still when it comes to original content, Indian cinema has a scarcity of originality. “Inspiration” is what they call when they rip off a scene from a foreign movie. The latest addition to this long list of “inspirations” is the multi-starrer blockbuster movie DILWALE. I was surprised first when I saw a car chase scene between Kajol and Sharukh Khan, a complete mirror work of a Hollywood movie Mission Impossible II (2000).

Dilwale Movie Car Stunt

Well ripping off scenes especially fight scenes or car chases is pretty common and somehow the Mission Impossible series is I think their favourite. Not long ago, another Rohit Shetty blockbuster “Singham Returns”, which also had numerous scenes blatantly copied from the Hollywood franchise.


Now coming to what really made me write this blog. Hans Zimmer, a German composer and record producer, who has given memorable and breath taking original scores in movies like The Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar, Inception, The Lion King and many more, now has another movie added to his list, Dilwale. Yes, this Rohit Shetty movie has instances where the movie has background music “inspired” or I should say copied from a 2013 Hollywood movie Man of Steel. The background score of Dilwale according Wikipedia is by my one Amar Mohile who has to his credit movies like Sarkar, Sarkar Raj and Darna Zaroori hai.

 Well Mr. Mohile, do not forget to give a word of thanks to Mr. Zimmer, whose music you have heartlessly used.


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